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Sgns containere "DEN HARTOGH"

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Prototype: 2 four-axle type Sgns container transport cars for combined load service. Silk gray basic paint scheme. Privately owned cars for AAE, leased to Railion Netherlands for the firm Den Hartogh, registered in the Netherlands. Each loaded with two 20-foot tank containers. The cars look as they did around 2011.

Model: The cars each have prototypically partially open car floors constructed of metal, including striking fish-belly style side sills and hand wheels for set brakes on both sides of the cars, which can be operated from the ground. The cars have type Y 25 trucks. Each transport car is loaded with two removable 20-foot tank containers. The transport cars have different car numbers and the tank containers have different tank numbers. Both cars are individually packaged and there is a master package. Total length over the buffers 46 cm / 18-1/8". DC wheelset E700580.


  • Tank containers can be removed and stacked.
  • Transport cars have different car numbers and tank containers have different registration numbers.
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