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Prototype: 3 different Belgian State Railways (SNCB), B-Cargo, freight cars. One (1) two-axle type Ks stake car, one (1) type Res four-axle stake car, European standard design with a length of 19.90 meters / 65 feet 3-7/16 inches, and one (1) type Gbs boxcar. The car looks as it did in 2003.

Model: The type Ks stake car is a two-axle car. Its side walls are based on a pressed metal prototype with 20 stake holders. The stakes are included. The car is loaded with a cable drum, pipe, and a crate. The type Res stake car is a four-axle car. It has type Y 25 welded trucks. It also has a metal insert for good running characteristics. The stakes can be turned down. The car has many separately applied details. It is loaded with a construction container, barrels (included), and a crate. The boxcar is a type Gbs. Total length over the buffers approximately 55 cm / 21-5/8".

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