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Union Pacific - vognsett

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Prototype: Five Union Pacific Railroad (U.P.) freight cars and a caboose. Three type A-50-19 double-door boxcars (automobile car), two type S-40-12 livestock cars (stock car), and a type CA-3 / CA-4 caboose with a center cupola.

Model: The frames and floors are constructed of metal. The cars have detailed trucks with special wheelsets. The double-door boxcars and livestock cars have sliding doors that can be opened. The roof walks, ladders, brake equipment, and other details are separately applied. The caboose has platforms and hand brakes at both ends. The roof walks, ladders, and other details are separately applied. All of the cars have different car numbers and are individually packaged. The couplers can be replaced by other makes. Total length over the couplers approximately 91.7 cm / 36-1/8". DC wheelset E32 0389 (RP25) and E32 0551 (Märklin AC wheelset).

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